What do you get when you mix Mission Impossiblewith Silent Hill? According to the people at Mindfire Entertainment, you get the Eidos videogame Fear Effect. And, apparently, box office gold. Following this unchallengeable logic, Mindfire has decided to option out the film rights on said video game, and they are currently in talks with director Stanley Tong to bring this monstrosity to life. The film plans to follow the storyline of the Playstationgame, but instead of being set in an alternate reality, it will take place ten years into our own future. Mindfire CEO Mark Altman says he hopes to get the film together in time for a late 2007/early 2008 release, based on a screenplay by television scribe Steven Kriozere.

Okay, there are some real challengers out there these days hoping to break through the "videogames don't make good movies" barrier. Several big names with good stories, including the likes of Halo and Metal Gear, are being brought to the silver screen in hopes of finally turning the vast videogame market into a viable big screen option. I do not, however, think this film is the one to do it. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Fans, feel free to convince me this is a good idea -- I'm 100% willing to have my mind changed.
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