According to this morning's Variety, Google is about to join its search engine friends in shilling (for a small fee, of course) for Hollywood studios. Their first collaboration will be with Universal, to promote the upcoming, happy ending-edJen-fest, The Break-Up, for which the company will create "a separate page on Google Video featuring trailers and clips." Additionally, Google Video users will be able to upload videos about their own bad break-ups which sounds like utterly riveting viewing, if you ask me. Why, there's nothing better than watching strangers cry, or swear, or rip into people you don't know in poorly-made videos. Sign me up for that! The movie comes out June 2, so one would expect the promotion to kick into high gear sooner than later. That said, however, as far as I can tell there's nothing up yet -- if you run into the site, let us know what you think.

So, what does this mean for Google? Is partnering with God-less, money-grubbing movie studios yet another step away from that whole "Don't be evil" thing? Does anyone even care anymore?

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