Dig through my big roll of movie posters, the ones I no longer have space to hang on the walls, and you'll find one that isn't very attractive and doesn't fit with the rest: Harry and Walter Go to New York, shown above. The poster represents one of my biggest guilty-pleasure films. I hung the poster in my living room for awhile, but people kept giving it funny looks and eventually I replaced it with Ed Wood, because everyone loves Johnny Depp.

I watched most of Harry and Walter Go to New York by accident when I was about 13 years old. My family was on vacation in Florida and one rainy night, my dad and I were flipping channels to see if we could find anything remotely watchable. We stumbled upon Elliot Gould and James Caan breaking out of prison in the silliest manner possible, and were intrigued. Was this a heist film or a comedy? And then Michael Caine showed up. And Charles Durning. We were riveted to the screen by the spectacle of a ridiculously plotted film with a stellar cast. Later, I found the movie again on late-night TV and videotaped it for my dad, but he preferred to remember it fondly than to actually watch it again. (He feels the same way about The Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox, which is a whole other story.)
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