Kelsey Grammer, the loquacious actor portraying the Beast in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, recently sat down with Sci-Fi Wire to discuss his thoughts on playing the popular Doctor Hank McCoy. Unlike some actors who have confessed to childhood affinities for the X-Men, Grammer candidly admitted "I don't know much about X-Men except the films, actually." He went on to explain "I was a Thor guy when I was a kid. Thor ... I remember resonating, probably because I was a Norse god in my past. I must admit." He did, of course, do some comic research after being cast as the furry Beast, everything from reading comics to talking with real fans. According to Grammer the best help he received came from his makeup guys, who are "complete fans," working in "the perfect job."

I still have reservations on the casting choice of Kelsey Grammer. The man is a wonderful actor, of course, but just doesn't quite fit in my mind for Beast. He's got the articulate genius thing down pat, but I have trouble picturing him with the power, grace and style of Beast. Who knows, though ... maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm really doing my best to keep a hopeful outlook on this film.
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