Not so very long ago, Ian McKellen slyly suggested he'd love to reprise his role as Magneto in the upcoming spin-off prequel origins flick. McKellen reasoned that filmmakers could use the same techniques they used for a flashback scene in X-Men: The Last Stand to retro-age him and Patrick Stewart so they could play their respective younger selves. Recently, the ever-blunt Patrick Stewart said was what on all of our collective minds when he was asked about such a cinematic feat: "If we're really looking at the early days, a real prequel, sure, you've got to have young actors." Prompted to suggest an actor to play a younger version of himself, Stewart sagely and humorously suggested "my son!"

Stewart also fielded a question or two about the rumored upcoming return to the Star Trek franchise. Stewart admitted to being "astonished," because the "old regime" at Paramount (Sheri Lansing and her posse) had declared a very clear death of the franchise after Nemesis. He said he knew of a great script which had been "put to sleep" not long after Nemesis, but he has no idea if it will be the base for a new film, or even if the Next Gen crew will figure into the film in any way. Needless to say, he'd love an opportunity to return. Many of his fans would doubtless like it too.
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