Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Seeing as I'm a 29-year-old man who, as of this minute, does not father any children nor hang out with and/or babysit the little buggers, it's safe to say I'm probably not the world's greatest expert on Bratz dolls. Apparently, they seem to be pretty popular, with over 400 licenses and distribution across 65 countries. How come I don't have one yet? Anyway, Variety reports that MGA Entertainment, Crystal Sky Pictures and Avi Arad are teaming up to produce and finance a live-action Bratz film. John Doolittle will write the screenplay, with production to begin this fall. Yay!
  • Kate Hudson and Ken Watanabe have signed on to star in A Dream of Red Mansions, to be directed by Bruce Beresford. Set in 1949 and using the Chinese Revolution as a backdrop, pic is inspired by a true story and will focus on the romance between an American photojournalist (Hudson) and an idealistic revolutionary (Watanabe). Damn you Ken -- why can't she fall for some dorky movie news writer instead?
  • While it may not be considered his greatest film, you have to admit there's something inside of you that craves Mel Brooks' Spaceballs. C'mon, you've got John Candy, Bill Pullman and Rick Moranis in their prime ... not to mention Daphne Zuniga! Wait, whatever happened to her? In a recent interview with TV Guide, Brooks admits that more Spaceballs may indeed be on the way. "There is a shot at Spaceballs becoming a half-hour animated TV series. I wouldn't mind doing the voice for President Skroob or Yoghurt, if they wanted me to. So I'm hoping that will happen with Spaceballs." Hey, I'm hoping it happens too!
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