Much like Harry Potter, the Narnia film franchise needs to be constantly aware of the fact that its primary cast is going to age quickly -- although Narnia's concern is probably less worrisome because they only need all four children for two films (and Ed and Lu for three) while Potter has seven movies to worry about. The Narnia people planned to deal with this by pushing the second film out of the gate quickly, but they now say Prince Caspianwill be delayed, albeit only for a reasonable six months. Initially the film was shooting for a Christmas 2007 release, but it will now join the throng of summer blockbuster hopefuls in 2008, although a specific date has not yet been named. The move was made in part because of another children's book film called The Waterhorse also being produced by Walden Media and also seeking a December 2007 release date.

While I was really pleased with the ambitious plan to release Prince Caspian exactly two years after the first Narnia film, I thoroughly understand the need to push it back a bit, and I don't think the actors' ages is going to be of particular concern. What'll get really tricky is when (and if) the film series makes it all the way to The Last Battle, in which three of the four children exist again. Granted, the kids are supposed to be a bit older by that time, so maybe they'll just stretch the book a bit and make them somewhat older still. I suppose we'll find out if we ever get there.
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