What would be worse for you, seeing a blockbuster movie with no conclusion, or not seeing the movie at all? Thailand's film censorship board has declared that it's one or the other for The Da Vinci Code, which is scheduled for release there on Thursday. So far we've heard about the protests,the lawsuits, the boycotts,the calls for disclaimers and the attempts to ban the film by offended religious parties, but would Thailand really show the movie without its final 10 minutes? It seems so. Thus far, distributor Columbia TriStar Buena Vista (Thailand) has not made any official decision on what they will do with the picture.

I haven't read the book. I doubt that I'll see the movie. But right now I'm curious what is so sacrilegious in that last few minutes. I mean, the whole film is an issue with Christians all over. So, if they are willing to release the rest of the film, sans end, and be okay, then there must be something even more extremely blasphemous than we're already aware of. What could it possibly be?

And for a follow up question, what would produce more complaints: The Da Vinci Code shown in its entirety in Thailand, or X-Men: The Last Stand shown all over the world without its ending? 

Update:  After an appeal from the distributor, the Film Censorship Board has decided to show the film uncut, a decision made by a vote of 6-5. The subtitles will instead be rewritten and a disclaimer will show at the beginning of the film, declaring it to be a work of fiction.

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