Lost in the mammoth shadow of The Sixth Sense was David Koepp's Stir of Echoes, a darkly entertaining and surprisingly crafty little psycho-thriller that nobody went to see. (Best known as one of the world's most successful screenwriters, Mr. Koepp also directed The Trigger Effect, Echoes, and Secret Window.)

Oh by the way, Lionsgate is putting together a sequel, and here's their formula: Remove Kevin Bacon and replace him with Rob Lowe, in place of David Koepp you get Ernie Barbarash, and instead of a story about a normal-Joe-Everyman who seems to lose his mind after being hypnotized by Illeana Douglas -- we get an ex-soldier dealing with a particularly nasty bout of post-war stress disorder ... from hell!

Hardcore genre sequel fans will no doubt remember Ernie Barbarash from his Cube Zero, although he was a producer on the whole Cube series, as well as on American Psycho 2 and 9.5 Weeks 2. Yikes.

Stir of Echoes: The Dead Speak will shoot in Toronto beginning in July.
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