There seems to be a renaissance of sorts going on with movies with an underlying spiritual theme of late. The Celestine Prophecy, Eve and the Fire Horse, The Da Vinci Code ... and now, Conversations With God, based on the enormously popular series of books by Neale Donald Walsch, is in the works. Moreover, according to indieWIRE,  Conversationshas already scored distrib from Fox Home Entertainment and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The film will star Henry Czerny (The Pink Panther) as Walsch, who went from homeless guy to best-selling author after becoming an "accidental spiritual messenger". The film will be helmed by Stephen Simon, whose only other directorial effort to date is Indigo, another film with a spiritual theme, about "indigo" or "rainbow" children. Simon previously produced What Dreams May Come and was an uncredited producer on Somewhere in Time (which, sappy though it is, is one of those films that I always watch if it comes on TV). Conversations With God is the first film produced by The Spiritual Cinema Circle, which Simon co-founded with Gay Hendricks, exec producer of the film.

I'm guessing, based on the cast of mostly unknowns and the presence of a scriptwriter whose previous efforts included a truly awful-sounding film called Kate's Addiction, that the budget for this film is pretty low. Like The Celestine Prophecy, Walsch's books have a huge built-in fanbase that will be itching to see this film; here's hoping they don't make a film that looks like an extended episode of Highway to Heaven or Touched By An Angel.

I'm not personally familiar with Walsch's work, but any film that's about a guy who writes an angry letter to God -- and gets an answer -- has potential in my book. Any big Conversations With God fans out there who want to weigh in on how Walsch's story will translate to film?

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