Warner Brothers, it seems, just isn't happy with its original adaptations of Roald Dahl's books. First we were given a polarizing (I say dreadful) redo of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now it seems they want a different take on The Witches. Guillermo Del Toro is planning to write the script and may direct, while Alfonso Cuarón will produce. The book was first brought to the screen in 1990 by screenwriter Allan Scott and director Nicholas Roeg.

I've been meaning to see that first version for some time now, but despite my affection for Roeg's work, I have never felt a craving for the story. Now that I'm reaching the stage in my life where I'm growing old enough to appreciate the family films I couldn't warm up to as a cynical teen, though, I'm torn. Should I still check out the 1990 film or should I just wait for Del Toro's vision? The best argument for the former is that Roeg's film stars Anjelica Huston. Is there any other?

Anyway, why can't somebody just make a good movie out of The BFG?

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