As Karina reported a few months ago, there's a Marvin Gaye biopic in the works. Unavoidably entitled Sexual Healing (What studio could pass up an excuse to use the word "sexual" in a title?), the movie stars Jesse L. Martin as Gaye, is being directed by Lauren Goodman, and is expected to focus on the singer's last years, a period that featured fun stuff like smack addiction and being shot by his dad. If that's not Oscar bait, I don't know what is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, though, Martin isn't the only Gaye in town -- a second biopic, this one called Marvin -- The Life Story of Marvin Gaye (Gee, what could that be about?), is expected to go into production later this year. Details on the project are few, but the film is being written by Robert Scharrer, is budgeted at about $60 million (an amount that dwarfs that of the independent Sexual Healing) and, under the guidance of one Roberta Flack, will incorporate two dozen Gaye songs. Though the film's director, D. Stevens, has never helmed a feature before (he's been a still photographer for lots of productions), he nevertheless seems to have a fairly high profile, and will be taking part in a panel discussion at Cannes about the future of black cinema.

So the race is on -- until Stevens' picture gets a star, though, it's disappointingly impossible to pick sides.
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