Halle Berry has made it painfully aware in the years since X-Men and subsequently X-Men 2 she is not particularly pleased with the size of the role she has played in the popular film franchise. Some might argue this is because she is on a full cast, playing a member of a team, but it is true that other members of the team have gotten more screen-love than Storm.* Said arguing has not worked in Berry's favor as far as her relationship with the fans are concerned -- many already considered her a poor fit for the character and her prattling only served to further confirm their dislike; but apparently it worked as far as Brett Ratner was concerned. Yes, Halle Berry's wishes have been granted, according to a recent discussion she had with Sci Fi Wire.

Berry said of her discussion with Ratner: "When Brett came on board, he felt the same way that I did about the character ... I had big issues with her being the teacher and doing more than just flying the plane ...So Brett was open to letting me be a part of that." The Last Stand will dig into Storm's back story a bit, discussing her history as a perceived goddess in Africa.  A cool story, to be sure, I just hope it fits into the overall flow of the movie and doesn't feel forced. I guess we'll find out soon!

*Possibly because Storm is not as popular a character as Jean Grey or Wolverine, but let's not introduce TOO much logic into this discussion.
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