I don't know if you are the sort of person who reads comic books and/or manga, but if you aren't, you might want too change very soon or you're going to miss out on some serious action from Henson Company in the coming months. In July, the manga company TokyoPop will be rolling out Return to Labyrinth, a manga story which follows the life of the child Toby (cruelly stolen by David Bowie in his infancy), who is still being secretly watched and guarded by the minions of the Goblin King who have been tasked with keeping him safe until the time comes for him to return to King Jareth's side and rule. Also rolling out in early 2007 will be a Legends of the Dark Crystalmanga, but no story details have been released for that title at this time.

If you don't read manga but are thinking this may be a good time to start, you should consider purchasing The Jim Henson Fantasy Collection, which is coming to DVD in early September. Not only will you get several awesome DVDs (including the recent MirrorMask), but you'll also snag yourself previews of both previously-mentioned manga stories. I'm curious as to what role (if any) these stories will play in the rumored sequels to their respective films. Regardless, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to obtain new Labyrinth tales in any form.
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