Admit it, I know you're just dying to know more about this Revenge of the Nerds remake. Well, the bad news is they are still going ahead with the film. And the good news? As of this minute, Paris Hilton is not attached to the pic. Phew ... for now. IESB caught up with Kyle Newman, who will be directing the Nerds remake right after he's done dealing with all these Fanboys. Hey, when did this guy become the resident expert on all things geek? I'd really like to know.

After checking out the interview, I was happy to hear that Newman will not be creating a straight-up remake. Seems plausible, seeing as the original was tied into so many classic 80's stereotypes that one would be forced to re-invent and update this story so that it makes sense in the present. While it was still too early for casting rumors and the such, Newman did not totally rule out an appearance from any of the original nerds. He did inform us that the geeky fraternity in the film will still be called Lambda Lambda Lambda. Okay, fine -- maybe I'm just a little curious about this film. A tiny bit. Minuscule, really. Don't tell anyone.

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