I was one of those nerds who refused to purchase any DVD versions of the modern, altered "classic" Star Wars trilogy. I know Lucas insists on the new version being the definitive -- and that is 100% his decision to make -- but I was doing perfectly fine in the meantime on my homemade  DVD versions created from my old VHS tapes complete with Han shooting first and the Yub Yub song. However, my heart sang a chorus worthy of Handel himself when the announcement finally came that Lucas had buckled and agreed to release the classic versions of the film, even if it is only a ploy to rip yet more cash from my pockets.

The ability to pre-order these cinematic gems has been made available to fans this week (Friday, to be precise), and Star Wars dot com has published an early look at the DVD covers, which you can check out here. They are all obviously based on original movie posters, and they do a geek's heart good. In fact, I believe I'm going to have a listen to the Yub Yub song right now, while I wait for Friday to roll around so I can pre-order my copy. Life is good when Han shoots first.