Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • Remember how, when you were young, there would be a certain stuffed animal there to comfort you in good times and in bad? It would sit, propped up on your pillow, anxiously awaiting your arrival. Then, at some point before your teen years, you grew out of the whole stuffed animal thing and moved onto kissing, dating and fighting with your parents. Well, what if the whole "growing out of the stuffed animal"phase never happened? Ryan Gosling is now attached to star in Lars and the Real Girl, which will tell the story of a lonely man and his bizarre relationship with a doll he finds on the internet. Yikes -- someone get this guy a friend.
  • Speaking of friends, Walt Disney Films and Jerry Bruckheimer have picked up the spec script, Game Boys, written by Tom Ropelewski and Evan Katz. I'm praying this film is done right because is sounds very awesome. Pic will center around two thirty-something video game junkies who are summoned by the Department of Homeland Security to help battle a bunch of monsters that have come to life from a video game they've mastered. Man, you know there will be a video game based on this movie. Imagine, a video game based on a movie about a video game?
  • Okay, so  last time we checked in on Michael Myers, screenwriter Jake Wade Wall was writing a sequel to Halloween which, as far as we knew, was going to be a prequel -- telling the story of Michael Myers before he escapes from Smith Grove Sanitarium. Well, now comes word the next installment in the horror franchise will not be based on Wall's script and will indeed be a sequel, not a prequel. According to HorrorChannel.com, the story will still take place at the Sanitarium, but will remain in the present and feature the same, boring old Michael Myers. Wait, let me guess -- he kills a bunch of people in this one. [via Moviehole]
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