Kirsten DunstWhile some of us try to merely ignore Kirsten Dunst's irritating existence, some of the gossip blogs despise her so much, they'd like to either erase her from their memory, or rewind her career in order to block it from beginning in the first place. The film I was most easily able to tolerate her in is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where she was directed by Michel Gondry. Now she's negotiating a possible reunion with the visionary filmmaker for Be Kind, Rewind. The film will star Jack Black and the plot is, of course, a bit complicated (Read Martha's original report).

Now, even without screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, I'm still excited about the tricks Gondry has up his sleeve. He's a remarkably imaginative director, and no matter how insufficient his own scripts might be compared to Kaufman's, he still gives the audience a lot of worthwhile visuals. And yet, I can't quite get around the fact that by adding Dunst to Black, I am likely to be in annoyance overload. The best I can hope for is that Black will not be left to ham it up -- I bet he could be quite good if allowed to be serious, and perhaps he can follow in Jim Carrey's Eternal Sunshine footsteps -- and Dunst's acting will once again be overshadowed by Gondry's talents.

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