Guillermo Del Toro has his hand in a thousand pots these days, and it seems like he's got a project "in the works" with every major studio out there. Except Sony, it would seem --  Variety reported yesterday the studio has backed out of its commitment to a sequel for the popular comic book film Hellboy. There has been a lot of talk about whether Del Toro would next concentrate on Hellboy 2: The Golden Army or the much anticipated videogame-to-movie project Halo; Del Toro may well find himself taking on Halo first (if he is still attached to the film, that is) simply because he now has to shop Hellboy around to find another interested studio.

Hellboy was a popular movie, although by no means a box office smash. With great DVD sales it was certainly a profitable title, so one would imagine there would be a studio or two out there willing to front the cash necessary to bring Hellboy 2 to life. In the meantime, Del Toro has plenty of other projects to keep him busy.
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