Erik reported just last month about the change at the helm of Will Smith-starrer Tonight, He Comes. At that time, Gabrielle Muccino (who just directed Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness) had come on board to replace the dearly departed Jonathan Mostow, who left the project because of that old standby, "creative differences." Mostow, in turn, had taken the place of Michael Mann, who apparently decided that Miami Vice was more worth his time than a movie about a "superhero in midlife crisis" (though he's still producing).

And now, just weeks after Muccino's arrival, Variety is reporting that he, too, is gone. This time, though, the split is amicable (That instance sort of makes you wonder about the other two departures, huh?) -- the director just didn't think the story was a good fit for his style and sensibilities, so he and his pal Will shook hands and went their separate ways. They still totally like each other. Really.

So, anyone out there got any free time and want to take over what is rapidly becoming a "troubled project?" The start has already been pushed back from this summer to early 2007, if that makes any difference. Please send your resumes to Will Smith, c/o Sony Pictures.
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