With the ever persistent and popular comic book-to-film craze American cinema has been experiencing the past several years, anyone with half a brain has been expecting an eventually slide over into manga and anime titles for motion picture adaptation. A few properties have been purchased, and a few rumors have circulated; no doubt the first few stones in a very possible avalanche; and today another stone joins the slowly increasing trickle. The word on the block is Billy Kong (of Crouching Tiger fame among others) has signed on to produce a live-action version of the popular anime film Blood: The Last Vampire. He plans to shoot the movie in a mix of languages, with English likely featuring preeminent. This will dovetail with a recently announced anime TV series based on the same film.

Typically, I'm really hesitant of any suggestion to turn an anime into live-action cinema. They frequently ultra-stylish animation just doesn't tend to translate well into reality, and we here in America have a pretty terrible understanding of the general storytelling and cinematography stylings of the East. However, given that Kong is attached to this film and not a proto-typical American producer*, I think it has a pretty decent chance of translating to live action. To be honest, though, I'm not really a big Blood fan to begin with -- but I'm sure I'll give it a watch just to see how it turns out.

*Don't get me wrong, I love American action as well.
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