Yes, there is still a new Underworld movie on the way for all you fans out there. Yes, Len Wiseman is still the man developing it. However, popular actress Kate Beckinsale will NOT be joining the cast for a third go-around, despite her husband being the man in charge. Don't worry, though, fans. It isn't that Kate doesn't love you anymore ... it's just her character doesn't exist in the story for the third film. According to Beckinsale the newest movie is a prequel to the previous two, and as such will happen before her character arrives on the scene. Presuming the film gets optioned, it will most likely go forward with no Beckinsale involvement.

Beckinsale also indicated her amusement at the Wonder Woman rumors which have been making rounds on the internet recently. "I get texted from friends all around the world saying, 'That's so awesome! I'm so happy for you. That's so great," Beckinsale said with a laugh. But she has to disappoint her friends and tell them she is not involved in Wonder Woman either. At least, not yet.

No worries, Beckinsale fans! It's not as though she won't be appearing on screen any time soon.  She may have lost out on a role in a crazy vampire/werewolf movie and a role as one of DC's most prominent super heroines -- but hey, she's still got a co-starring role with Adam Sandler in the upcoming Click! Um. Yeah. You're right, that's really not a positive either.
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