Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • I don't know about you, but show me a good scary story that takes place in some spooky house and, immediately, I'm scarred for life. Just recently my alarm clock started doing weird things throughout the night and now I'm convinced there are ghosts in my presence. Fitting, seeing as, today, it was announced that Robby Henson will be directing the feature film version of House, based on the book written by Frank Paretti and Ted Deker. The supernatural thriller will focus on a bunch of people holed up in a spooky house, forced to deal with the evil Tin Man while trying to sort out their own emotional issues. Wait, when did the Tin Man turn evil?
  • Seeing as Sophia Coppola isn't planning on a Lost In Translation 2 anytime soon, why not settle for a half-assed version starring Brittany Murphy? No, Murphy is not starring in a Translation sequel, but she is attached to the romantic dramedy, The Ramen Girl. Pic will tell the story of an American girl who, after being trapped in Tokyo following a nasty breakup, decides to train as a ramen noodle chef alongside a tough instructor. ThinkThe Karate Kid meets another horrible Brittany Murphy film.
  • Awhile back, we brought you news of a new reality television show created by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett called On the Lot. Compared to Project Greenlight (only with a lot more money and power behind it), the show seeks aspiring filmmakers to compete against one another for the chance to win a million dollar development deal with Dreamworks. Well, starting today, video submissions and online applications are being accepted at TheLot.com. Do keep in mind Spielberg probably won't be watching these videos, so you may want to scrap that "I think I'll dress up as E.T. and do a silly little dance in front of the camera" idea now.
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