You may not have heard, but some movie based on a big book came out today. I can't remember what it's called, but there's an artist in the title -- The Rembrandt Follies, or something. Anyway, it's supposed to be the worst move ever, but actually most critics just found it boring, not hate-able. And, when they wanted to have fun, film writers this week went to see Over the Hedge, which they found to be a clever, vaguely environmentally conscious film, buoyed by great casting. Of the voices, obviously. For details, read on.
And, though See No Evil wasn't officially shown to critics, Scott, our resident horror freak, managed to smooth-talk his way into a screening. Unfortunately for him (since he'll never get that time back), he found the movie to be "a shamelessly derivative and helplessly inept piece of genre flotsam." Not to put too fine a point on it, or anything.