The Superman Homepage fansite is currently running with an interesting little exclusive about the upcoming re-release of Superman 2 on DVD, part of the enormous Superman push we've been seeing (and will keep seeing) as a lead up/followup to the new Brandon Routh-styled Supes film. According to Superman Homepage, Warner Brothers had an interesting casting call a month back -- holding tryouts for Superman himself. They were rumored looking for a Christopher Reeve look-alike to add some additional footage to the classic film. Not a face double, however, just a body double; the added shots will only show our hero from a good distance.

I always get uneasy when I hear people are adding footage to a classic film. Sure, they often have good reasons, and sometimes maybe it even enhances the overall quality of the story -- but generally I like to leave things in their original, unaltered form. Am I alone here in thinking movies are best left unaltered once they've past a certain "classic" mark? Or am I just being a stodgy old Tevye type, shaking my fist and shouting "Tradition!"?
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