Crazy, crazy Frank Spotnitz is putting his brilliant mind to work again, once more setting his pen to the X-Files universe. According to Spotnitz, who has done rather extensive work with the Files, plans are indeed in place for a new X-Files film. Should this sucker ever get off the ground, it would not focus on the massive alien cover-up story, but would rather act as something akin to an extra-long stand-alone episode. Spotnitz says the people over at Fox are interested in the idea, as are the principle cast members and creator Chris Carter -- but currently some sort of "legal issues" have the project on hold. Spotnitz hopes to see these issues resolve soon, however.

So, X-Files fans, what do you think of this? Is a potential return to the universe exciting, or would you rather it just be left as it is at this point? I think the concept of keeping a new movie separate from any major theme of the show could allow for non-regular viewers such as myself to catch the flick and enjoy it without feeling like we were missing too much because of ignorance of things past. So long as they've got all the necessary people involved, it seems to me it could be a rather decent idea.
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