Muppets and Mechanisms, a "small exhibit" celebrating the work of Jim Henson, opened yesterday at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. As the people over at Pan and Scan point out, this week marks the anniversary of Henson's death, so it seems an appropriate time to celebrate him yet again, in this case with an array of puppets from a selection of his projects.

According to the exhibit's website, visitors will, in addition to old favorites Kermie and Fozzie Bear, be able to see the puppets that are "regarded as ... the earliest creatures known as 'The Muppets," a group of characters called Sam and Friends, created by Henson for local TV in 1955. Plus, there's going to be Dark Crystal stuff there! Movie fans in DC, you've got no excuse not to get yourselves to the Smithsonian -- the show closes September 4.

[via Pan and Scan]
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