Alright, our more diverse and international readers are going to have to help me out on this one, because I know nothing about either of the two subjects I'm going to share with you. However, as it is my sworn duty to present you will every interesting comic book film story I can find, I'm bringing them before you despite my own ignorance. If any of you out there in the audience have some solid opinions on these two books, share away and let the rest of us know.

Relatively new Korean production house Core Studio is developing a film based on the South Korean comic book Mina. All I know of Mina is the Variety description, which tells me it is a "highly stylized auctioneer about an assassin school girl," which really only says "hey, this is story from the East." Core is apparently willing to appoint a "foreign helmer," which is no surprise if they're hoping for a broader international release.

France's Wild Bunch is currently in pre-production on a film adaptation of the popular comic book Largo Winch. I've got nothing on this one, but you can dig the official Largo Winch website here. Fans, please share with the class so we know if we should be getting excited about either of these potentially awesome projects.

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