Are you a child of the '70s or '80s? Okay, then be honest with me now (part 1) ... how many Star Wars action figures do you own? Come on, you know you've got em, unless you were one of those losers whose mom gave away all their stuff. Now dig out the old plastic containers and start counting. Does it number in triple digits? I know it does for at least a few of you out there. And I'll bet (for you '70s and '80s kids), nearly all of them are from the classic trilogy. If you are reading this and thinking, "oh no, I only have the cereal box Han Solo in Stormtrooper costume and a broken C3PO, I feel so inadequate," you've now got (yet another) chance to shore up your collection. Hasbro, like they have done before, will be releasing a new round of action figures to accompany the re-release of the classic trilogy. It'll come in the form of collector's triple packs, and you can catch a peek at some here.

Right-o, kids, time for be honest with me now (part two) for you aging generations ... how many Legos do you own? Those suckers used to be everywhere, remember? Again, plastic boxes just full of the suckers exist in the backs of our closets. While Legos might not be as popular as they once were, they do still exist, and they really enjoy a good movie tie-in. Today's nifty Lego collection is an 860 piece set of the Arkham Asylum, which you can view here. Doesn't Batman look great in Lego?