Two new casting updates for the ever-growing Transformers flick headed your way July 4, 2007. First, Kevin Dunn will has joined the crew to play Shia LeBeouf's "quirky, do-it-yourself" dad. I've really got nothing to add to that one, so let's move on to the more interesting casting update, which comes to us via a tipster over at Superhero Hype. The tipster, who identifies himself by saying "let's just say I'm affiliated with the Air Force," tells Hype "Next week on Wednesday and Thursday a C-130J model from Little Rock AFB Arkansas is heading for Holloman AFB New Mexico for shooting on Transformers the movie. They might be taking on the roll of a MC-130." We know Bay has been seeking the help of various military branches for his film, and it seems like he's at least got the USAF on board, as the tipster closes by saying "The film is getting USAF support and there will be C-130s in the movie."

So far so good on the technology front. Is it wrong that I find myself more excited and fanboyish over this news than I have over any of the human castings announced thus far?
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