As we reported last month, Dreamworks and Paramount had a big Cannes debut planned for ... 20 minutes of their film version of Dreamgirls. The footage screened on Friday in the South of France and, according the scuttlebutt coming out of the festival (How does "Shouts of 'more' echoed round the room" strike you?), it was mighty impressive -- and if jaded, professional critics are saying good things about a musical, I'm guessing that it might be really is good. Though details on what, exactly, critics saw are frustratingly hard to come by, it appears that at least once music number was included, and stars Jamie Foxx and Beyoncé Knowles were on hand to add a little glamor to the event.

Of course, since the movie isn't even done, it's clearly a little early to get excited about its possible awesomeness and Oscar-potential (though the December release date makes it clear what the studios are thinking). That said, however, director Bill Condon knows what he's doing (in addition to writing the screenplay for Chicago, he directed both Kinsey and Gods and Monsters), and his overt reverence for the classic musicals from directors like Stanley Donen, George Cukor, and Vincente Minnelli is encouraging as well.
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