Riding gleefully on a wave of controversy-driven publicity -- not to mention the backs of zillions of eager Dan Brown-lovers -- The Da Vinci Code soared to the top of the box office the weekend, scoring the biggest open of 2006. The $77 million the film earned from 3735 screens gave it the 13th largest domestic open in history (for comparison's sake, Mission: Impossible III opened on over 4000 screens and made $47.7 million on its first weekend out) -- and that without even talking about the $120 million the movie made abroad, which was the second-biggest foreign debut ever for an American film. Who the hell needs critics, anyway?

The weekend's other big debut, Over the Hedge, finished a distant second with earnings of $37.2 million, while See No Evil made a paltry $4.4 million on just over 1200 screens. Joining The Da Vinci Code and Over the Hedge in the top five were MI3, which made $11 million (pushing its three week total over $100 million), Poseidon, which continued to disappoint with only $9.2 million, and RV at $5.1 million. The full top 10 is after the jump.