I admit, you have to be a certain kind of person to fully enjoy and understand a Todd Solondz film. Personally, I became a fan of his after watching Happiness and saying to myself, "Holy crap, that was disturbing, yet oddly enjoyable." Most, if not all Solondz films deal with obsession, and he does a wonderful job of unearthing the inadequate emotions found in his characters.

Remember that scene in Happiness where Philip Seymour Hoffman was treating his body as if it were an amusement park? Or, in Storytelling, the, um, interesting scene between Selma Blair and her professor? Solondz is a master at making us feel uncomfortable. However, that's often why his films never get much press. Just recently, Solondz announced his next film which, for the time being, is called The New Todd Solondz Film. Partnering, once again, with producer Ted Hope (Happiness, Storytelling), Solondz admits his next film will serve as sort of a companion piece to Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse. He says, "Many of the characters from these movies unexpectedly beckoned to me, and so I have explored new ways of developing and enlarging their stories, with the intent to recast them from a fresh perspective." Seeing as those two films are my favorite of his by far, I'm certainly excited to see where he goes with this. You?

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