Rejoice, all ye US Harry Potter maniacs: Driving Lessonshas been picked up for North American distribution. Woo hoo! Thanks to Sony Pictures Classics, all of you (or at least those of you who live in cities that have arthouse theaters -- I'm guessing this one won't be hitting the local multiplex) will get to see Rupert Grint spreading his non-Ron wings. The film, which had its American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, "follows a struggling young poet [that's Grint] who accepts a summer job with a former star of stage and screen, Dame Eve Walton [Julie Walters]" who "whisks the boy off on a misbegotten road trip from London to Scotland." Chris was unimpressed by the movie when he saw it at Tribeca but, given the built-in audience that Grint brings along with him, it's unlikely that Sony is too worried about losing money on this little purchase.
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