Ron Howard and Ian McKellen director and costar of The Da Vinci Code

Well, actually, Ron Howard and Ian McKellen are on a train to Cannes in this picture, so they couldn't know at the time that 'The Da Vinci Code' would have a record-breaking opening weekend. But I bet they had an idea. Sir Ian just seems like a happy guy, doesn't he? I mean, in the movie he's ecstatic -- even though he's a wacko bad guy. And Opie ... I mean, Ron, of course he must be a really happy man; he's got a great career, talented & successful family (you know, his daughter, Bryce Dallas, is M. Night Shymalan's muse in his last movie, 'The Village,' and this summer's 'Lady in the Water') -- and he's OPIE! How can he not be happy? And now he's got a $77-plus mil movie on his hands, so even if he weren't happy before (which I bet he was), he must be thrilled now. And here's what I'm thinking that he's thinking, ''Critics, schmitics. Opie don't need that noise.'' What do you think about the sky-high opening of 'Code'? Were you surprised at all, or did you expect it? Based on the comments from the last post, you seemed to like the movie more than the critics did.

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