In honor of The Da Vinci Code debut, Susan King of the LA Times makes a list of several movie adaptations of bestselling novels that were hits with audiences and critics alike. I never knew that The Exorcist and Jaws were bestselling books before they were movies -- it's hard to imagine Jaws at all without the wonderfully suspenseful score by John Williams. And like The Da Vinci Code, Rosemary's Baby had to endure some naysayers to the film in the form of the Roman Catholic Church's Legion of Decency who cited the "perverted use which the film makes of fundamental Christian beliefs and its mockery of religious persons and practices." At least Roman Polanski's film had a dark sense of humor running throughout a tale filled with blood, potions, anagrams and nightmare assailants. I imagine The Da Vinci Code will be much more ponderous . . .  after all, there's no Ruth Gordon.


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