Bruce WillisAnother exciting announcement from Cannes: Bruce Willis stated Friday that the fourth installment of Die Hard is about ready to start filming and will hopefully be set for a release next summer. He also said that it won't be called Die Hard 4 but, "that will be the story." I guess what that means is that his character will be named John McClane.

Okay, but what exactly is ready? Is there actually another title? Who is directing? Who is co-starring? What is the plot? So far, we've gone through the rumors that Luc Besson would direct, but there doesn't seem to be any confirmation on that. Then there has been the rumor that Jessica Simpson was going to play Willis' daughter, and the other one about Justin Timberlake playing his son. And what exactly have they redone since the New Orleans flooding storyline is out? I hate getting excited just because a movie star tells the press that something is moving ahead, but I'm really psyched that we might get to see Willis as the real deal next year. Still, for all we really know, the actor went to Target and bought a pack of wife-beaters and thinks that means the project is a go.

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