It never fails: Not two weeks ago I finally bought the the original Dead Zone DVD ... and today comes word that Paramount has that exact title scheduled for a September Special Edition release! (Meh, the bare-bones DVD only cost me six bucks, plus the movie -- which features the combined magic of Stephen King, David Cronenberg, Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen -- is just awesome, so I'm not complaining too much.)

In addition to an all-new and extra-swanky version of The Dead Zone, Paramount also has plans to polish up two more Stephen King adaptations from back in the day: Mary Lambert's fantastic Pet Sematary and Lewis Teague's not-terrible Cujo will also arrive in the form of fancy Special Editions this September. (So where's the Criterion Collection Cat's Eye DVD already?)

Other Paramount titles that have Stephen King's name on 'em include Silver Bullet, Graveyard Shift, and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie ... which probably helps to explain why Cujo was among the three flicks chosen for the SE Treatment.
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