Spookshow International's popular (okay, well as popular as a Spookshow title gets, anyway) comic book title The Haunted World of El Superbeasto has become the latest in the long line of comic books licensed for movie distribution. This "Rob Zombie Presents" flick will be a bit different from most big screen translations, however, in that it is staying animated and staying 2D. The story follows an ex-Mexican wrestler on his wacky adventures in Monsterland -- which means we've now got two movies about Mexican wrestlers headed our way soon. Never woulda saw that coming. Paul Giamatti has signed on to give voice to the primary villain, Dr. Satan. No word yet on director or distribution.

Typically when something has the "Rob Zombie Presents" runner, I automatically move it over into the corner of my brain which files "crap I'm not really interested in and don't care to remember." I've never read Superbeasto, but the storyline sounds like it could be amusing and I'm always intrigued these days when someone makes the decision to go with 2D animation. So if you are a Superbeasto fan make me a pitch which will convince me to give the movie a try -- I'm open to persuasion today.
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