Last night while writing up the weekend box office report and detailing The Da Vinci Code's boffo open, I considered adding a clever little "Get ready for Angels and Demons, kids!" ending to the whole thing, but decided not to because I wasn't sure the book was actually a prequel (not to mention that I try to limit my pretending to be clever to once/post). But if only I had know -- it is, apparently, a prequel, and Sony's announcement of their vague hopes to turn it into a movie as fast as humanly possible was actually made just this morning. Because, in Hollywood, there is no such thing as dignity where money is involved.

Though the report of Sony's plans is not exactly something you'd take to the bank -- a studio exec is quoted as saying nothing more than "We are very interested in filming Angels and Demons. We hope that the relationship with Dan Brown will be a long one. That could be the next project." -- you can be sure that the rights fees for this one are going to be roughly equal to the GNP of several small nations.

For the six of you unfamiliar with Angels and Demons, it was Brown's third novel, features Robert Langdon's (now Tom Hanks to millions of cinema-goers) first appearance, and was described by Publishers Weekly as a "well-plotted if over-the-top thriller ... crammed with Vatican intrigue and high-tech drama." Hmm. It's a bit like The Da Vinci Code, then? I smell money!

[via Moviehole]

Edit: According to Nikki Finke, Sony bought the rights to the character Robert Langdon, which gets them not only
Angels and Demons, but also the sequel on which Brown is currently hard at work. Eeeeeexcellent.
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