Obsession. What does it mean, why does it happen and why can't we stop it? I never asked Burger King to invent chicken fries, but now that they're here, those delicious little fried pieces of heaven have destroyed my life. Now, every time I pass by a Burger King, I must stop in and grab an order of chicken fries. Even if I just had some the day before, I wonder, "What if there's a new dipping sauce and others have tasted it before me? What if this new dipping sauce is only out for one day? What if I miss this golden opportunity?"

I'm sure there are other chicken fry addicts out there who feel my pain. And, trust me, it's okay to come forward -- we need your support. However, the need to consume fast food constantly is only one type of obsession. We can obsess over people, places, events -- I know one person obsessed with a chair. Don't ask.

This week, we're taking a look at films that have themes of obsession running through their veins. Though I'm not sure whether or not we'll become obssessed with these films once we've watched them, I will admit that, after staring at those fries in the picture above, I'm suddenly craving, um, you know. Welcome to another fantastic edition of Trailer Park: