A day before they make their big screen return, the X-Men will be making their radio debut, thanks to a clever team-up promotional with the folks over at XM Radio. The pay service satellite radio will feature an X-Men "takeover" on May 25 involving a full eight channels and almost a dozen cast members from The Last Stand. Some of them, like Halle Berry and Kelsey Grammer, will be taking on solo roles as radio hosts for the day, discussing whatever they want to about the film while spinning their favorite genre hits for whichever station they've claimed (did you know Patrick Stewart has a thing for classical British music?).  Others will be joining the regular hosts for Q-and-A sessions about the upcoming movie, with as many as three cast members in the same interview. You can dig the full schedule here for all your mutant radio freedom needs.

As far as quirky and unusual movie promotions go, I think this one is actually pretty sweet. Radio interviews are pretty standard, but a full-on takeover (while silly) is a rather amusing idea. And really, I want to meet the guy who isn't interested in hearing Patrick Stewart host his own radio show.