You'll be forgiven for not remembering, but I posted several months ago about the trailer for a fantastic-looking movie called Special. In the film, the great Michael Rapaport plays "a lonely metermaid [who] has a psychotic reaction to his medication and becomes convinced he's a superhero." From the hilarious, melancholy trailer (and, I gather, the movie as well), it's unclear if the character is just bonkers, or if he actually really has some of the powers he claims -- it's probably a little bit of both. Despite some buzz about the movie at Sundance and rumors of distribution talks, though (check Karina's comment on the original post for details about that), a deal was never secured, and the movie went back to languishing on the internets, looking for love.

But today it's been revealed that Special finally got some love: First Look has picked up world-wide distribution rights to the movie. WOO HOO! First Look reps are at Cannes looking to farm out international rights, but they'll handle the movie in the US themselves, and plan to have it in theaters this fall. Did I mention woo hoo?
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