So, I've been controlling myself lately and not posting about every single new video diary (they're up to nine already) that pops up on Working Title's Hot Fuzz page. I hope you people have appreciated the peace, because it's over -- this particular entry is far too funny and demented to pass up. Nick Frost in spandex shorts? Check. Vegetables being mangled? Check. Unnecessary crotch shots? Check. Obligatory "I can't quit you" joke? Please. Do you really have to ask? Yep, this time we get to watch Frost and Simon Pegg "working out," in order to keep their fitness at the high level required by such an active film. Of course, in their case, "working out" seems to consist primarily of wearing matching outfits, hanging around in a trailer, lifting small weights, and flexing their genius comedy muscles. Why are you still here? Go watch it!

Oh, and there are just 269 more days until the movie comes out.

[via Twitch]
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