Well fans, it looks like the Star TrekXIstories are legitimate this time. We've heard so many rumors lately it made this latest round tough to believe at first, but so many actual people (not nameless insiders and tipsters) have affirmed the news it may be safe to start getting cautiously excited. Bust out the pointy ears and phasers, kids, we're going back to space!

Today we learn the executive producer of television's Lost has officially come on board the creative team behind Trek XI, joining Lost creators Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams. While refusing to discuss details, Burk does admit the project is fantastic in his opinion, saying "to say I'm excited is the understatement of the [year]. ... It's going to be pretty great." Burk also denies the early rumors of a young Spock/Kirk Academy movie -- sort of denies, anyway. He calls the leak "premature" and indicates the story has yet to be fully developed, so any leaked plots are nothing more than speculation.

No surprise on this news, as Burk and company have been part of the same team for quite a while now. However, they frequently put together a pretty tight project, so I suppose we have reason for some hope. I'm not even a huge Trekkie, and even I desperately want to see the franchise back on its feet. It is a legend -- an icon -- after all.
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