According to Production Weekly, Cillian Murphy (and Cillian Murphy) will be starring in a sci-fi movie called Telepathy. He will be playing identical twins Josef and Viktor Zalenski, who become part of a top-secret experiment to test telepathic communication. It seems the Russian Government thinks that one twin in space and one twin on Earth will be able to talk to each other via the mind. The picture will also star Nathalie Press, Sam Neill and Miranda Richardson and is due to begin shooting this October with Lesley Manning directing from a script written by Stephen Volk.

Okay, so the experiment sounds far-fetched but interesting. It doesn't sound like much of a plot, though. Perhaps it will be like Contact, and stretch a minimal amount of action while providing a lot of discussion about the phenomenon of telepathy. Or maybe there are some other story elements that aren't being given out just yet. A quick look at the resumes of both Manning and Volk shows the team is familiar enough with the supernatural to add something more, although neither of their talents has so far been well-received. Regardless, Murphy is an amazing talent, and after his ability (combined with Rachel McAdams) to actually make Red Eye more entertaining than its script should have allowed, I have confidence that whatever this movie is, it will work.

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