Angels and Demons

In a move that is sure to make the Catholic Church and all other haters of Ron Howard's'The Da Vinci Code' supremely happy, Sony has gone ahead and hired 'Code' scribe Akiva Goldsman to adapt Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci' prequel 'Angels & Demons.' OK, so maybe not so much with the supreme happiness for 'Da Vinci' detractors. The only good news for them is that Hanks and Howard have yet to sign on to reprise their 'Da Vinci' duties -- although I do stress the "yet" in that statement.

'Angels & Demons,' which first introduced the character of suave symbologist Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks in 'Da Vinci'), is likely to twist the nipples of just as many groups as its cinematic predecessor. In the book, Langdon once again finds himself waist-deep in a tub of poop-flavored Jell-O -- this time investigating the murder of the pope and trying to foil a plot by an ancient and sinister group known as the Illuminati to blow up the Vatican during a papal conclave.

But now, please permit me to get a little deep on you. Someone quite wise once told me that we all have our own angels and demons with which to deal. For those who don't like Dan Brown and his novels, their angels and demons happen to be a book called 'Angels and Demons.' Think about that ...

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