If you're even approximately my age, then you probably have some pretty (ahem) fond memories of a low-budget Frenchy cheeseball called The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak, a soft-core-y gender-reversed Indiana Jones sorta-be that was based on an old French comic strip and certainly wasn't shy when it came to the issue of female toplessness.

The flick is best remembered for its ridiculous dialogue, terrible acting, outrageous set design ... and lots and lots of bare, naked breasteses. And now the crowning cinematic achievement of "Whitesnake girl" Tawny Kitaen (ok, after Bachelor Party) is coming home to DVD, thanks to the sein-obsédé fellas at Severin Films. Co-starring Brett Huff as the square-jawed & horny hero and "Zabou" as the sapphic sidekick, Gwendoline is well-established as a mega-hilarious and inordinately booby-laden camp classic, which means that it's a pretty bad movie, but definitely in that "good-bad" sorta way (and I believe I already mentioned the frequent nudity.)

The version I saw (at least four times) was a Vestron-released VHS that ran about 90 minutes, but the DVD will come packing an unrated director's cut that runs about 105 ... and you know what that means: yes, more boobage. And it's not just the female cast members that are stacked; Severin promises a full-bore Special Edition with unseen footage, all-new featurettes, and an audio commentary by Just ("Emmanuelle") Jaeckin.
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