All the way back in January, we told you how Mr. & Mrs. Smith was making its return via a brand new television series. While A-list superheroes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be starring in the new show, director Doug Liman and writer Simon Kinberg will be back to kick-start this new version.

Kinberg recently spoke about the show, saying that the story will serve as a sequel to the movie and takes place after both characters have discovered what one another do for a living. He says,  "It's a show about a marriage – two people trying to balance their home life with their work lives, and their work lives happen to be international assassins." Kinberg admits they pitched the show as Married with Children meets Alias. While that sounds pretty cool, the whole thing really comes down to who snags those lead roles. I mean, look at the shoes you're filling -- is there anyone out there capable of turning this into a successful television show without having the audience constantly scream, "Shut it off -- the movie was so much better!"? What about David Schwimmer? Courteney Cox? Hell, let's just throw the entire cast of Friends into this one and see how it rolls.