Desperate fans have long awaited a film based on the comic book Preacher. These dedicated and patient fans have been through rumor after rumor as the existence of the film has been in and out of development hell roughly 8.7 zillion times. Recently the rumor mill started up again with what seemed to be more substantial hope than the title had been offered in quite some time ... but it now seems as though we may have our souls crushed again. Moviehole shares news of a tipster from a comics convention in Dublin who spoke with Glenn Fabry and was told the film's funding had fallen through yet again and no studios were currently interested in picking the project up.

But don't lose all hope, you crazy fans. According to the same tipster (who admits he has nothing other than Fabry's word to go on), calls have been made between creator Garth Ennis and some folks over at HBO. It seems as though the producers of The Sopranos are interested in purchasing the project to turn it into an HBO series of some sort. And in all honesty, that would be a pretty fair trade in my opinion -- the more Preacher the better, right?
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